Blackjack Basic Strategy

There is an example of a simple strategy for playing Blackjack. Strategy can improve your results, and the payouts received, so why wouldn't you try?

Hit or Stand?

  • Some things are essential for winning in blackjack. You should apply some simple rules in order to have successful results in the game.
  • If you have 17-20 total, do not hit. If you have 13-16, and the dealers face up card is 2-6, stand, if not, hit. If you have 12, you should hit, unless the dealers card is 4-6.
  • If you have 11, you should double, unless the dealer has an Ace. In this case you should hit.
  • With 10, you should double, and if the dealer has 10 or 11, hit.
  • If you have total of 9, and the dealer's card is 3-6, double. In any other case, hit. If you have 8, hit in any case.


  • The general advice is to split Aces and eights, and not to split tens and fives.
  • Always stand with two tens, and split 2s, 3s and 7s, in cases when the dealer has face up card worth 2-7.
  • You shouldn't split 4s, if the dealer doesn't have 5 or 6. It is better to hit.
  • If the dealer's card is six or less, you can split 6s, other ways hit.
  • With the pair of 9s, you should stand. You may split them only if the dealer has 2,3,4,5,6,8 or 9.