Common card values, blackjack moves and odds

Blackjack card game is one of the oldest and most popular casino entertainments. It originated in the 17th century in France where it was firstly called Vingt En Un, which means 'twenty one' in French.

During the 18th century the game spread rapidly all over European countries being named 'Veintiuno' in Spain and 'Trentuno' in Italy.

The term 'blackjack' appeared initially in England where corresponding card combination of an ace of spades and a Jack was supposed to be the highest one and provided players with the largest payoff.

Goal of blackjack

In blackjack gamblers play against the dealer and have no necessity to track other players' results. There is a huge amount of blackjack card game variations but the main object of the game has been always the same: to end playing session with having such card combination on hand, which is worth more than the dealer's one, and at the same time do not exceed the critical boundary of 21 points.

Blackjack card values

In blackjack each card represents certain amount of points, which should be carefully considered in order to play successfully. The following table describes all blackjack card values:

Blackjack Moves

After the dealer and all blackjack gamblers are dealt with two cards each, they are to access them correctly and make an appropriate bet. Betting starts from the player who is sitting next to the dealer on the left side and continues clockwise.

Usually, one of the dealer's cards is unseen (put face down) and is called the hole card while all other cards are visible for each player.

The following table describes which blackjack moves gamblers could undertake and what they do mean:

Blackjack strategies

Regarding the fact that blackjack card game is a play of skill gamblers could increase their winning chances significantly if apply blackjack playing strategies properly. Learn more how to exploit your theoretical knowledge about twenty one using a blackjack strategy trainer.