Blackjack Moves


You can split your hand if you have two cards of the same value. There are different strategies regarding splitting hands, and you can find advices about which pairs you should split, and which you shouldn't. For example, you should never split your tens.

It isn't advisable thing to do.

The player has to hit the card for the first hand until he is satisfied or busted, then he has to repeat that with the second hand.

Aces can also be split, but there are different rules regarding new hands made - you can only have one card more on each hand.

Double Down

You can double their bet, but then they can receive only one card on that hand. Nevertheless, you have to receive that additional card, so you have to be aware of that. In addition, you have to put another bet equal to the previous one.

This rule is applied in almost all casinos, except in Northern Nevada, where they have a rule for doubling - that can be applied only on 10s and Aces.


If the player doesn't want to play against the dealer, he can use the surrender option and save ½ of his bet.


When the Ace is dealer's face up card, he will give players a chance for insurance. It is actually a bet where blackjack is dealers. If he does, the player loses his initial bet, but his insurance payout is 2:1.

Well, if he doesn't, the insurance money is lost.