Blackjack Odds

Winning Blackjack isn't only the matter of luck or applying the appropriate strategies. You should consider some other things.

Natural Blackjack Payouts

You have to be very careful about choosing the right table for blackjack playing. In standard blackjack, the natural blackjack (the combination of ten and an Ace in the first hand) pays 3:2. Therefore, you should find the table with this ratio, not, for example, 6:5, cause you would be paid less.

Soft 17

Another thing you should pay attention to is soft 17 rules. If the dealer is allowed to hit when he has 17, it improves his winning chances.

Double Down after Splitting

Try to find the table with no double down limitation after splitting, because you have much better chances for winning the game if you are allowed to double down after splitting hands.