How to use blackjack strategy trainer

It is widely known and generally accepted that blackjack card game is a play of skill, which means that players, who are clever and experienced enough, might get an advantage over the house or, at least, reduce casino's blackjack odds to approximately 0.2%-0.5%.

To make it clear, the house odds without using any blackjack strategy trainer comprises about 7%-8%.

There are mainly two blackjack strategies: the first one is called basic blackjack strategy and is rather simple for understanding while the latter one is called card counting and is considered to be quite difficult but could bring you really superior gambling results.

Blackjack basic strategy

Blackjack basic strategy is actually the first thing you should learn by heart without any exaggerations in order your play makes sense.

The main principle of basic strategy lies in the fact that there exist some optimal blackjack moves for each initial card combination. Some inveterate and experienced blackjack players have even elaborated special basic strategy charts, which describe all the possible bet variations for different sets of cards.

There are notably three basic substrategies for soft hands, hard hands and for splitting pairs situation.

Therefore, let us explain what different kinds of hands mean with the following table:

Card counting

Card counting is rather sophisticated blackjack strategy and in order to master it you should be ready to spend a decent amount of time practicing and perfecting your skills in some blackjack strategy trainer.

The core idea behind the method is that it is possible to figure out what type of card - of low or high values - are left in the deck after the dealer and all players get their initial two cards.

This information is important because it is supposed that high cards left are in favor for players while cards of low rank are more favorable for the dealer. In case a gambler manages to count what kind of cards would be played further, he or she could adapt the playing strategy according to the situation and get an advantage over the house.