Blackjack Tournaments

Tournaments are very exciting and popular among players. If you are a slot lover, there are numerous tournaments available. Nevertheless, if you prefer Blackjack the situation is a little bit different.

It is more difficult to organize blackjack tournaments. You can find little ones during the week, but on weekends, there are some big ones.

Entry fee is usually low, and you may find some free tournaments during the week. Some of the weekend tournaments are based on invitation only, and some can be played for few days.

The best tournaments are those that pay back the entry fees as prizes. You should find the prizes list before entering, and if it is free, maybe it will not be good enough to fulfill your expectations. It is better to check all he things related to that upfront.

The Rules

If it is respected tournament, you should get all the information you want on demand, including prizes and all the rules. The big tournament's organizers usually make a welcoming party for the participants, and there you can find out about anything you may be interested in.

Sometimes you will have to wait for your turn in another round. It isn't hard to realize why - you will probably spend that time playing something else.


If you get the chips for starting, you probably have to pay some fixed entering amount. In some tournaments you have to play with your own money.


You have to register as a player, sometimes a day in advance, sometimes few hours before the tournament starts. This has to be done at the registration table. Like we said before, you should have red the rules before that.

Now check the rules again, ask if you have any additional questions and take your schedule.

Good luck!