Card Values


An Ace can be counted 1 or 11, according to the cards. In most of blackjack versions you are allowed to split Aces, but you can get only one additional card after that.


  • Deuce is another name for two. It offers lots of combination in game.
  • Three can be used in various ways, even if it doesn't worth very much.
  • You cannot use fours for splitting, but you can hit one when needed the most.
  • Five is a strange little card, but if you have two of them + an Ace, it's not so bad.
  • Six is just a little bit better than five, but together they only need King to be just great.
  • Seven isn't so bad if you get three of them…
  • Eights, what to do with them? Maybe you should split - or not?
  • Nine is good enough to make 20 with an Ace, or 19 with Queen, but what if you get two of them.

Face cards

All the other cards are worth ten. They are called to be face cards and they are Jacks, Queens and Kings. Certainly, 10s are not considered to be face cards but their values are the same with them.