Blackjack Superstitions

Superstition is something you cannot avoid when hanging out with gamblers. Most of them have some special rituals or some strange things they carry around with them.

Well, you shouldn't believe in such things. Maybe you can have a good day, or a bad day, but having different socks won't stop you losing.

Some blackjack players believe you shouldn't ask loudly the card that you would like to get. It would bring them the bad luck. On the other hand, they shouldn't want that the dealer get a bad card. And so on…

The favorite lucky charms

Some players carry annoying stuff with them, rubbing them performing all sorts of rituals. Some of them have dozens of different lucky charms, enough to make a regular player nervous, if nothing else. Moreover, all that rubbing and rituals can slow the game.

They say you shouldn't curse the dealer, because it brings a bad luck. In addition, you should tip him, because it brings a good luck. Nevertheless, those things are beyond superstition, you should be nice to people any way.

Like in any other area of life, well, maybe a little bit more, some people act crazy in casinos. You may understand them or not, you may find them funny or annoying, or you can just change the table.